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We recycle up to 150,000 tonnes per year

We accept, process and recycle construction waste and demolition waste.

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The benefits of recycling construction waste

Apart from the obvious environmental advantages to both recycling and using recycled materials there are many financial and PR advantages too.

Using recycled materials within your construction project will help produce less CO2, satisfy clients (if these materials are specified), improve your company’s public image and Improve your ISO 14001 and 5001 credentials.

Using Salford Waste Services to grade, process and recycle your construction or demolition waste will reduce the amount of landfill tax your company pays which can be as much as £94 per tonne.

We separate, process and then recycle the following materials.

we produce 6F2 on site

6F2 (recycled brick and concrete)

6F2 is a product produced from recycled crushed brick and concrete and is used widely within the construction and road building industry. We firstly break large boulders and concrete slabs and then use our own Komatsu crusher to further reduce to a useable product which can be used for piling mats and road bulding. All the 6F2 we produce is fully backed with analysis testing to ensure that it contains nothing hazardous or harmful.

recycled crushed brick and concrete
We recycle UPVC


We collect UPVC in loose form, process, grade and forward it for further recycling. The material is then granulated and utilised in the manufacturing of building materials.

We prepare UPVC on site
We recycle cardboard boxes


Cardboard is processed and baled at our own facility. Mill sized bales are then forwarded for further recycling and turned into a usable pulp by the paper and cardboard manufacturing industry. The pulp from the cardboard is used to complete a closed-loop cycle of recycling (recycling material which is usually used in a similar product).

We recycle cardboard
We recycle hd plastics plastics

Rigid Plastics

Rigid plastics are collected and graded into: HD (high definition), low grade PVC and other materials by our fully trained recycling operatives, they are then baled at our recycling site. The graded plastics are then distributed to a variety of different industries including construction, toy manufacturers and household item producers.

We recycle high definition plastics
builders bags bailed and recycled

Builders Bags

PP (polypropylene) builders bags are collected and baled at our recycling site and then shipped worldwide for further recyling.

We recycle polypropylene builders bags
We recycle scrap metal

Scrap Metal

Using state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of our trained recycling operatives we ensure that every piece of ferrous and non-ferrous metal is removed from the waste we collect and process. This can range from something as large as an old skip to something as small as a staple. All scrap metal is graded and sent for re-use.

scrap metal processed
we recycle all wood


100% of the wood waste we collect is processed and used in biomass energy production. The Biomass wood pellets are then used to generate electricity for thousands of homes and businesses throughout the UK.

biomass wood pellets
unprocessed refuse derived fuel

RDF (refuse derived fuel)

We produce refuse derived fuel from waste materials collected at our plant. The RDF is then used to generate electricity for thousands of homes and businesses throughout the UK.

RDF refuse derived fuel produced

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